At WWDC 2016 Apple Music will Receive new Design with Dark and Light Version


Pretty soon Apple Music will receive a major redesign most noticeable difference from the current version will be in appearance. The change will be presented at WWDC 2016 in June.

Apple Music will abandon its colorful user interface which currently exists. Instead, Apple will add light and dark design (black and white), but with a “huge” album cover. Covers are currently quite large, so will be interesting to see something even bigger. Source says that the end result is a “bolder, and more simple vision.”

The report mentions the existence of lyrics in the next major update of Apple Music. This will bring something like Karaoke mode which will be interesting to see.

Other changes include simplifying the section “For you”, and also placing greater emphasis on the personalized content. Apple will replace the confusing “New” tab with “Browse”, to improve the organization in this section.

All these changes will be visible on the WWDC 2016 in June as part of iOS 10 and most likely we will be able to test them immediately, as part of a public beta program. The update of Apple Music will be reflected in iOS and OS X.