Does your iPhone keep dying? How to clean up your overworked apps

There could be a simple way to save yourself a great deal of iPhone battery woe

There’s nothing more frustrating than leaving the house with a fully-charged phone battery, only for it to tick down towards zero at an alarming rate.

We’ve all read reports about problems with battery life on the devices, with a recent software update blamed by some users, but there may be a different reason – and one you can fix easily.

No, it’s not a return to those wireless charging concerns, or anything of the sort.

In fact, it’s something you’ve probably looked at before when trying to get to grips with your iPhone, before forgetting about how handy it could be. Haven’t you?

According to LifeHacker, there’s one thing you need to do first if your iPhone battery seems to be acting up.

First, hit the settings button on your phone and click through to ‘Battery’. Here, your ‘Battery Usage’ will show up, detailing what percentage of your battery can be attributed to certain apps.

It might just seem like a normal selection of the apps you use the most, but some people have found a few unlikely things there.

If an app you rarely use is somewhere towards the top of the queue, that could be your issue – there’s every chance the drain it puts on your battery just isn’t worth the hassle.

Once you’ve identified the app or apps to blame for your battery being frittered away, there’s an easy way to get them off your phone with minimal stress.

Sure, you might need to use your own initiative rather than waiting for Apple to tell you when things need fixing, but it could well be worth your while.

Oh, and while you’re at it there’s no harm in giving your phone a bit of a general de-clutter. You’ll be grateful once you’ve done it.


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