If it’s not already too late – this is why you should wait before updating your iPhone

If you’ve been putting off updating to the latest iPhone software, we have some good news for you

Are you one of those people who updates your iPhone software at the earliest possible moment?

If not, we’re not judging you. Maybe you’ve had a lot on this month, what with the World Cup and Love Island going on at the same time. Maybe you’re just lazy. Or maybe you’re smart enough to know it can be worth waiting for others to give the software a test run first.

Previous updates have left users unable to stick with certain apps, but the newest version – iOS 11.4 – comes with some fresh considerations.

It’ll be taken care of sooner rather than later – Apple have form for fixing things like this – but for now you might want to hold fire before hitting that ‘update’ button.

According to a discussion on the Apple messageboard, reported on by BGR, users have seen their battery percentage fall more quickly since moving over to the new software.

“I am just wondering if something got turned on with this new update that I have to turn off to save battery life,” writes one iPhone 6 user, while those with more recently released devices have reported similar issues.

BGR even claims iOS 12, currently still in beta mode, is already demonstrating improvements in performance and suggests those yet to install 11.4 may want to wait a little longer.

The apparent issue is thought to be unrelated to an issue with the earlier 11.3 update, which found unforeseen issues with microphones on Apple devices.

Meanwhile, Apple device rumours continue to gather pace, with the latest reports suggesting three new models will arrive before the end of 2018.

If you’re waiting for a new phone to be released before upgrading your current handset, and if you’re worried about performance until that moment arrives, you might want to keep tabs on all the forums and discussion pages before upgrading the software.