Why Bringing Your Own iPhone to Xfinity Mobile Might Be a Good Idea

omcast’s Xfinity Mobile cellular service is now offering an in-store “Bring Your Own Device” option for owners of certain unlocked iPhone models.

Of course, that news will likely only mean something to those who have heard of the Comcast mobile plan. If you have no idea what Xfinity Mobile is, you’re probably not alone. Here’s everything you should know about the nascent cellular service.

What Is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile, basically, is a low-cost cellular plan that Comcast rolled out last year. It’s only available to people who already subscribe to the firm’s Xfinity mobile broadband service.

The service also has some unique characteristics (some of which we’ll get to later), including the fact that your device is automatically switched from cellular data to Xfinity Wi-Fi when hotspots are available.

Despite its quirks, the service has seen some surprising success in a market already dominated by juggernaut rivals. According to Bloomberg, Xfinity Mobile hit 200,000 subscribers in October 2017 — less than five months after it launched.

Xfinity Mobile Pros

  • Basically, if you’re already a subscriber to Comcast’s Xfinity broadband, the budget-friendly Xfinity mobile might be a decent option for you. As Comcast is the largest broadband and cable provider in the country, there are probably quite a few people reading this already subscribed to Xfinity.
  • Xfinity Mobile could also be an economical solution for those who just don’t use that much data. It offers a unique “Pay By the Gig” option, where each gigabyte of data is $12 and users are only charged for the gigs that they use. Also on the table is a $45-a-month unlimited plan (although it’s throttled after 20GB).
  • Xfinity Mobile also uses Verizon’s networks. And while the competition in terms of fastest internet speeds is usually neck-in-neck, Verizon does have some of the speediest in the country.

Xfinity Mobile Cons

  • The main catch is that you have to be a subscriber to Comcast’s Xfinity broadband. If you don’t use it, then Xfinity Mobile isn’t an option for you — and it’s probably not worth switching from your own broadband provider.
  • Similarly, for the most part, you can’t bring your own device to the network. As stated above, the company has recently offered an exception for certain unlocked iPhone devices. But any Android users or owners of carrier-locked iPhones are just out of luck. You either have to purchase or rent a device from Comcast.
  • Lastly, and this is important, if you’re already a Xfinity subscriber and you get Xfinity Mobile, you’ll have another reason to possibly deal with Comcast’s infamously bad customer service. Just something to keep in mind.

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